This is the season to be merry, not to being totally stressed out by trying to do "everything" in a few weeks! Here are some pointers to help you relax about your December memory keeping and holiday crafting.

Do the minimum in December and do the main memory keeping after the holidays

All you really have to do is point and shoot to get the photos (remember to back up from your phone and/or camera every evening) and to take a few notes and save for later. Then leave all the memorykeeping and December journaling until January, when you will have plenty of time to sit down and take care of photo editing, printing, embellishing and journaling. Why even try to get it done in December when we have a thousand other things to take care of? And, frankly, December is the perfect time for memory making, not memory keeping.

My own Holiday Gratitude Cards that are included in the Creative Christmas Bundle (and they are a free download for My Dream December members), are perfect for December journaling. They are meant to be used to count your blessings, but why not print an extra set for the daily December journaling, as well. Store them in a box until January.

Come January, take Alice Boll by the hand and she will lead you through the holiday memory keeping in January and help you finish all your December projects. This online class is included in the Creative Christmas Bundle.

Set the handmade holiday greeting cards on 'mass production'

Do you want to send handmade cards? Design a clean and simple style that doesn't take more than minutes to make and then make a ton of the same. You don't have to make unique individual cards for everyone. Except for maybe close family and friends, nobody will ever discover that their card wasn't unique (in case they ever expected it, which I doubt!).

Another tip here is to engage the little elves in the family, i.e. kids, grandkids and neighbors' brats, to help you assemble the cards. They will love a few hours of happy crafting and it will be a dear December memory for them! Remember to take some photos of the cardmakers. :)

There are a load of inspiration for simple cards in the holiday cardmaking section of My Dream December. My most simple one is a small stamped image with a sticker letter word like 'Merry' or 'Joy' below. Takes one minute to make a card if you use ready cut and scored cardbases with envelopes. Here's one example:

Want to send a photo of the family? Add the greeting directly on the digital photo file by using Photoshop, PSE or any of the smartphone photo apps, save, print, glue to the readymade cardbase. Done!

You can use the same strategy for making gift tags.

You will find these gorgeous printable gift tags, cards etc. by Jen Gallacher in the Creative Christmas bundle. Just print, cut and you're ready to go.

Another great resource in the Creative Christmas bundle, is the 12 card ideas and tutorials compiled by Carol Cassel.

Plan ahead!

This sounds like a nobrainer but, to be honest, how many of us take the time to plan our December? It feels better to actually do things than to 'waste time' on planning, doesn't it? Here's where we fool ourselves. Because, planning the way through the holiday season is going to save you hours and hours. Knowing what to do, when and where, will help you sail smoothly through the holiday preparations.

You'll find holiday planner pages by Lisa Harris in the Creative Christmas bundle.

There's also a memory planner class by Jen Wright included in the bundle.

Make your planner even prettier with some printable sticker by Cara Vincens, included in the Creative Christmas Bundle.

Quick way to make holiday decorations

Well, the quickest way is of course to buy them ready made. But it is not half as fun as to make your own together with you family and friends. Organize a fun and informal 'crafting party' on an evening or a weekend day in December. You'll have a wonderful time together and you will not only make Christmas decorations but also plenty of happy December memories!

Make beautiful 3D decorations with the help of a scoreboard and this online class by Beth Soler, included in the Christmas Creative Bundle.

There is plenty of pretty items for Christmas crafting in the Good Cheer pack from Melissa Ohlson.

Treat your family to a 'Northpole breakfast' on Christmas Day! Connie Hanks has put together super cute printables for a memorable meal.

Wrap the gifts in time

Wrap one or two gifts per day and you'll have all of them ready for Christmas Day without spending a lot of time. I remember many a Christmas Eve desperately trying to wrap all gifts in a couple of hours. Not fun! 

Use the gorgeous gift tags from Jen Gallacher, included in the Creative Christmas Bundle.

If you have an electronic cutter, you can also add some stunningly beautiful elements from Ashley Calder's cut files.

To do in January

Now is the time to finish the December memory keeping.

1. Round up your photos and journaling from December.

2. Edit the photos that you'd like to use for your December journal and scrapbooking.

Make them even prettier and speed up your process with the Christmas Photo Editing Class by Melissa Shanhun in the Creative Christmas Bundle.

3. Put your journaling cards in pockets and embellish your album pages.

4. Speed up your 12x12 scrapbooking with the help of sketches.

In the Creative Christmas bundle, you'll find beautiful holiday sketches by Alison Day in Your Christmas Story.

And there are also a load of sketches in Karen Fitting's package, including tutorials and a 2016 calendar as a bonus.

The Creative Christmas Bundle is only on sale for a few more hours so hurry and grab it before it's gone.

I wish you a fun, wonderful and relaxed holiday season!

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