I am so lucky to receive Christmas cards from scrappy friends all over the world, as well as from friends and family. The problem is that my home is not large enough to save them all. Over the years, the holiday greetings take up quite a lot of space.

At the same time, I couldn't bear to throw them away. Especially the ones from my scrapping and cardmaking friends, who spent time hand making beautiful cards for me. I would hate to throw those cute hand colored little critters in the bin. 

So, my solution is to deconstruct and punch pieces from every single card I've received, and make a collage of all the pieces. I also include some postmark stamps, stamped images on the envelopes and cute adress stickers (not the address itself, I have those on a list, only the cute image).

Below is the first page of Christmas card collage in my album. As you can see, I've carefully detached cut outs and elements, while I've punched circles from others. This way, I keep a memory of every card I've received, and I love looking through these pages.

I saved a bit more from a couple of the cards. Perhaps because I thought they looked a little bit like PL cards. And one, very very special card, I saved entirely, with envelope, contents and all, in a 6x8 pocket page.

That card was made by one of my dear online forum friends, but when she made it she did not know that she would not be around to mail it. She is a wonderful pink angel in heaven now, and her family kindly posted the Christmas cards she made.

I will treasure it forever and remember my amazing friend every time I open this December album. In fact, I will probably open the album every time I come to think of her.

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