My own Dream December kit colors for 2013 are based on neutral colors like grey, beige and white. If you'd like, you could add other neutral colors like black or even dark navy blue (currently considered a neutral color in the fashion world). My main accent color is red, but you can choose any accent color among your favorites for the Holiday season. Neutral colors can be beautiful along with pastels like mint or light blue, or with green tones.

Of course, I couldn't resist adding just a small dash of gold for this kit. I love a little bling on my Christmas projects! 

I chose the neutral colors as a base of this kit because they are so very on trend right now, and I love to use my old stash in new trendy ways. That is the whole idea of the Scrap Stash Kit Club that I have been posting this year. Red is, of course, the most natural choice for the Holiday season, but the combination of red and grey is also a traditional Scandinavian countryside color combination for Christmas. And the rustic country Christmas is spot on trend, as well. Natural materials, as wood, hemp and wool are fitting right into this style.

Now it's your turn to put together a similar kit from your own scrap stash. Have fun stash diving!

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